The Best Cannabis Websites

Best Cannabis Web Design

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Best Cannabis Web Design Why buy the best cannabis web design and internet marketing? With the clock counting down to January, investors flock to California as the state prepares to legalize the recreational sales of cannabis. Cultivation, transportation, dispensary, distribution, and other licenses are going to be available to businesses that are complaint to state […]

The Best Cannabis Business Plans

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Why does a cannabis company need a business plan? A business plan is key for a new company in any industry. It serves as your company’s playbook and helps you chart your course. Starting a new company without a business plan is akin to building a house with no blueprint, or sumitting Mt. Everest with […]

Ocean Grown Agency, LLC

Best Cannabis Cyber Security Company in California

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Cannabis Cyber Security Cannabis Cyber Security In The News By now, most cannabis business owners understand they need a seed to sale software to control their grow, transportation, and sales. This software holds all the data and information for your business and is becoming a target for hackers. MJ Freeway, one of the highest selling cannabis […]

Ocean Grown Agency

Best Cannabis Consulting Agency

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Best Cannabis Consulting Agency FREE Cannabis Consulting Agency: Looking for the best cannabis consulting agency in California? Look no further. Ocean Grown Agency, LLC is a cannabis consulting agency that lets you keep your company while it is being built. By being connected to the best in the industry Ocean Grown Agency, LLC is able […]

ocean grown agency extraction lab

Extraction Labs – Build and Design A Cannabis Extraction Lab

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Buy A Cannabis Extraction Lab Why get into product development with a cannabis extraction lab? Have you ever seen or heard of THC “infused” products. Cannabis lollipops, brownies, lotions and other cannabis products are quickly becoming in high demand in medicinal and recreational areas. These products are being made mainly from trim produced by growers. […]

5 Reasons to have a dispensary website

Dispensary Website: 5 Reasons To Have One

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When creating a budget for your dispensary website, you should remember that every penny you put in can add exponential value to your cannabis company. Companies that want to compete in the cannabis industry hand out big dollars to make sure that their website is not only seen but also user-friendly, represents their brand accurately, […]

Best Cannabis Consulting Company

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Best Cannabis Consulting Company There is no question the cannabis industry is getting attention from all sorts of investors. With the increase of new cannabis companies in all over the country, the need for the best cannabis consulting company is greater than ever. Ocean Grown Agency is unlike any other cannabis consulting company before us. […]

Cannabis Trim

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Buy or Sell Cannabis Trim Once a cannabis grower harvests their cannabis and the trimmers are finished preparing your product, there is plenty of good cannabis trim that can be put to good use. This trim can be purchased, made into a wax or shatter, vape pens, or even a medicated topical! If you are […]

CannaSteps To Success

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CannaSteps To Success Steps for any cannabis investor! Here at Ocean Grown Cannabis Consulting Agency we understand the value of the cannabis market and the opportunities of legislation of this wonderful product. We have broken down the 6 essential steps to investing in the cannabis industry. Let’s take a look!   Step 1: Talk To […]

Stand Out In The Smoke

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Get the best cannabis branding! With the booming cannabis market comes a lot of opportunity Ocean Grown Cannabis Consulting Agency can equip your cannabis company with an influential logo, brand, marketing plan, and PR team. Having these tools will allow you market successfully and have your company be seen. Having a strong, recognizable brand for […]