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Dispensary Website: 5 Reasons To Have One

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5 Reasons to have a dispensary website

When creating a budget for your dispensary website, you should remember that every penny you put in can add exponential value to your cannabis company. Companies that want to compete in the cannabis industry hand out big dollars to make sure that their website is not only seen but also user-friendly, represents their brand accurately, and becomes something beautiful. Ocean Grown Agency partners with the best cannabis web design teams in the country to ensure only the highest quality product for their customers. Once your cannabis web design is complete our cannabis marketing team will create a strategic plan for your dispensary website. There are many reasons to hire a professional, but here are five of the most important reasons to have a website for your dispensary:

5 Reasons To Have A Dispensary Website

  1. Create an online presence:

    This is Ocean Grown Agency’s main reason why you should have a  cannabis website for your dispensary. Here is an interesting: 70% of people calling your dispensary, are calling straight from a search result (Google) not just a listing on google maps. Users want to see and understand your business with the tap of a finger. Increase your conversion rates, understand the data, make changes, and target your audience. We have all heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and have seen advertisements for cheap services, but what exactly is SEO and what does quality work look like? What is the best way of getting cannabis Search Engine Optimization and what can I expect? The first thing you should know is that “organic” (original & unpaid) Search Engine Optimization, without proper paid marketing, is a process done over a long periods of time. It is also very important to know that your SEO results for the dispensary website are fragile, and if you make cannabis SEO mistakes it could mean terrible things for the future of your website. Google spends lots of time making sure that dispensary websites who rank, deserve it.  A common mistake most business owners make while trying to create cannabis SEO is not doing the proper market research. A qualified cannabis SEO expert will do keyword and competitive research to make sure your cannabis SEO is in the right direction.  Google is constantly using bots and spiders (only virtual!) to check on your dispensary website. Google wants to know which dispensary websites are doing the right marketing, involved in the community, and continuing to make new content. This means producing quality, content rich, blog posts….and not cheating your way to the top. Google will quickly punish your SEO for using cheap back-links (a common practice in outsourced work). Back-links should be gained by outstanding Public Relations. best dispensary websites

  2. Unveil your brand:

    Your dispensary website is visual representation of your cannabis company. Show your customers your true marketing colors and give them a taste of what their experience with you should feel like. Did you know that a study done by Microsoft reports a customer’s average attention span on a website is only 8 seconds? One second less than a goldfish! Hook your customers in and have your customer leave your website feeling like they left your dispensary. This is what will separate your dispensary website from others. Most websites in an industry are built very similar because they are not make custom for their company. They are bland images placed inside of a template with no original content or flow. Our cannabis web design teams excel in creativity and innovation to make sure your dispensary website makes an impact on your customer.

    best cannabis seo

    Ocean Grown Agency Has The Best Cannabis SEO

  3. Show your products:

    Is the quality of your cannabis in your dispensary better than your competition? This means a lot to business owners in the cannabis industry, business owners strive to have the best product. Now let your target audience see your products in a user-friendly menu that is as aesthetically pleasing as your cannabis. Below you can find example product menus created by the best cannabis web design team in California. best cannabis websites

  4. Sell products on your dispensary website:

    Now that you have traffic coming to your site, there is an opportunity to capitalize on the clicks.  Start selling your dispensary merchandise on your e-commerce store and spread your brand in the community. There are so many ways to make money with a website, we are currently working on delivering online seminars for growers and extraction artists that will have a subscription based revenue (if you are interested in learning more please fill out the form below). There are more untouched niches in cannabis industry that your cannabis web design can target. Talk to one of our project managers today to find out more.

  5. Reach the community:

    By having blogs and discussions on your website you are directly connecting with the cannabis community! Your company can quickly become a hub of information for cannabis users and business owners. Connecting people and spreading a positive message is a beautiful, powerful thing. Having a blog and allowing discussion on your website, you are opening up the possibilities. Ocean Grown Cannabis Consulting Agency has a team of web designers, graphic design artists, branding and marketing gurus, and social media experts that know these possibilities.

Talk to one of our project managers today about understanding the online presence potential of your company or read some more information :