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Best Cannabis Consulting Agency

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Ocean Grown Agency

Best Cannabis Consulting Agency

FREE Cannabis Consulting Agency:

Looking for the best cannabis consulting agency in California? Look no further. Ocean Grown Agency, LLC is a cannabis consulting agency that lets you keep your company while it is being built. By being connected to the best in the industry Ocean Grown Agency, LLC is able to build the big picture and guide investors to all the best cannabis experts. All of our affiliates have had success in the cannabis industry. This kind of valuable knowledge will maximize cannabis profits and minimize mistakes. This is why you hire a consulting company! Our FREE project managers will be there for you, making sure you flow building your business and get your cannabis company up and running as fast as possible. Ocean Grown Agency, LLC has figured out a easy way how to streamline your cannabis company from an idea, into a business plan with projections, into a funded project, into a built facility, a final product, and a sale. By having the best cannabis consulting company, one FREE cannabis project manager that handles all you needs from build to brand productivity is increased, organization is increased, and stress is decreased all for free.

The Best Cannabis Consulting Agency can help with:

The Best Legal Education

  • Get Educated On Local Cannabis Laws
  • Understand Your Risks
  • Feel More Comfortable

The Best Cannabis Accounting

  • Cannabis Taxes
  • Payroll
  • Seed to Sale Software

The Best State Applications

  • Get the experience you want to help file cannabis state applications
  • Get the permits you need to increase your revenue
  • Ocean Grown Agency will decrease your headaches by providing expertise in license applications

The Best Indoor Growing

  • Our cannabis grow design teams have successful portfolios to prove their designs produce
  • The best cannabis consulting agency only use the best cannabis build teams that are fast and efficient
  • Ocean Grown Agency, LLC uses our experience purchase the latest equipment promising high yields
  • Talk to one of our projects managers today 

 The Best Smart Greenhouses

  • The best cannabis consulting agency in California has the best cannabis greenhouses in the state
  • Ocean Grown Agency, LLC has automatic light deprivation greenhouses
  • These state of the art greenhouses will get you some of the biggest yields
  • Saving you more than 50% on production cost when compared to an indoor grow.
  • Talk to a project manager at the best cannabis consulting agency in California

The Best Cannabis Business Plans

  • Ocean Grown Agency, LLC has team that have built thousands of business plans
  • Get the cannabis market research your company needs
  • Project costs and profits that owners and investors want to see
  • Our business plans are built through communication with the cannabis companies you will use
  • Streamlining your cannabis business and accurately projecting your numbers!

Ocean Grown Agency, LLC

The Best Dispensary Design

  • Get the cannabis dispensary design that gives the consumer an experience
  • Don’t just show your brand, let it shine!
  • We work with the best cannabis furniture and fabrication teams
  • Create a store from the ground up. What ever your dream we can design it.
  • Read about how a cannabis website can help your dispensary

Contracting Services

  • Have a design and ready to build?
  • Let us hire a team of cannabis contractors and handle this project
  • Our contractors only use the latest technology in IP in the cannabis industry

The Best Cannabis Staffing

  • Ocean Grown Agency is the best cannabis consulting agency for staffing
  • We have experienced growers
  • Compliant workers
  • Knowledge is power when it comes to quality and yield
  • Staff your cannabis dispensary

Website Design and Development

  • Build beautiful user-friendly websites that have both aesthetics and functionality
  • Gain leads and customers through targeted marketing
  • Brand your company and rise above other cannabis websites
  • The best cannabis newsletters to stay connected to the community
  • Search Engine Optimization built upon hard work and blogging – not bought in India!
  • Cannabis Social Media Marketing and Management
  • Online cannabis delivery ordering and client management
  • Learn why our cannabis web design team is the best in the industry

Seed To Sale Software

  • Prepare for state compliance
  • Organize your company
  • Keep track of costs and sales
  • Have the best cannabis consulting agency install and instruct you on the software
  • Work with companies like BioTrack, Agrosoft, and GreenBits

 Cyber Security

ocean grown agency, llc

The Best Cannabis Branding

  • Become the best you can be
  • Send the right message
  • Get the right recognition
  • Build your company with the proper logo and colors
  • Reach your targeted audience


  • Ocean Grown Agency, LLC has the best cannabis marketing
  • Creative design teams help create some of the most unique and effective marketing campaigns in the cannabis industry
  • The best cannabis consulting agency creates the best marketing plans for your cannabis company
  • We think it is time to get noticed.


 Cannabis Public Relations

  • Want to be seen in publications
  • High Times or Time Magazine
  • Ocean Grown Agency only works with teams who launch
  • Create the right press release and send it to the right places
  • Get noticed by the right people and drive traffic to your company

The Best Extraction Consulting

  • Have a lot of cannabis trim?
  • Turn that trim into money! Sell us your trim!
  • Let us tell consult which product to develop with your trim
  • We can connect you with the best cannabis extract companies in California

The Best Extracting Rooms

  • Ocean Grown Agency has the best cannabis extraction room designs
  • “Turn Key” CO2 extraction labs
  • “Turn Key” BHO extraction labs
  • The best cannabis extraction lab designs
  • Custom extraction lab builds
  • Construction teams and project managers
  • Ocean Grown Agency, LLC can help staff the best cannabis extraction professionals

Cannabis Product Development

  • We work with only the best cannabis extraction companies
  • Specializing in concentrates, edibles, vape pens, and topical lines we have it all
  • The best cannabis consulting agency can fill your dispensary with any product you need!

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