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Best Cannabis Cyber Security Company in California

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Cannabis Cyber Security

Cannabis Cyber Security In The News

By now, most cannabis business owners understand they need a seed to sale software to control their grow, transportation, and sales. This software holds all the data and information for your business and is becoming a target for hackers. MJ Freeway, one of the highest selling cannabis seed to sale software companies, has over 1,000 clients all over the United States. Their databases have recently seen a series of attacks that have affected the business of their clients. Consumers to not want to go into a dispensary that might have their information stolen! MJ Freeway is still struggling to recuperate from the hack on their databases and having a tough time retaining their clients and finding new clients.

Ocean Grown Agency, LLC has the best cyber security

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This is an eye opener for a lot of cannabis business owners. Not many

owners had thought of cyber risks until this landmark attack. The truth is, that the cannabis industry does rely on technology and it is at the utmost importance to know how to protect the information of your consumers!

Best Cannabis Cyber Security Mentorsec


What Is The Risk Of A Cannabis Cyber Attack?

So what happens if you cannabis company is hacked? Why is it so important to have the best cannabis cyber security company in California working on your side? Let us take a look into the steps a company has to take once their information has been compromised.

The only thing worse than getting hacked is not reporting it.. This opens the possible of having multiple class action lawsuit filed against your company. So what do you need to do:

  • MentorSec suggests that if you have been hacked to immediately.
  • The best cannabis cyber security company always tells their clients if they have been hacked to immediately inform their consumers. Laws change depending on which state your company is in, but this is a necessary step that is sure to hurt business.
  • Your cannabis company will have to send a written notice to every consumer clearly telling them your data has been breached. You will have to mention when you were hacked, and what the hackers compromised.This can cost A LOT of money for companies.  The company will also have to give their customers a remedy or action they can take. California has a template for this, the best cannabis cyber security agency can provide this for you.
  • File a notice of breach. Look into your local laws to see if this is something your company needs to do.
  • Call a professional 239.300.1063 who can figure out how you were breached and how to prevent further incidents.

How Can I Stop An Attack?

By calling the best cannabis cyber security company 239.300.1063 you are taking the first step. Our experts will have a consultation to figure out what you are doing now and what should be changed. In the process of securing your company, you will learn what it takes to have a secure business. From every day best practices to encryption and VPS, our team will patiently teach you what every business owner needs to know in order to keep your information safe. Our elite cyber security experts have had military and government experience, staying on the front-line of the cyber attacks.

Teach Your employees about cannabis cyber security!

Did you know that your employees play a HUGE part in keeping your data secure. A mistake by one of your employees could lead to a possible attack even when the business owner has taken the best possible measures to keep their cannabis data safe.

MentorSec can give the best cannabis cyber security consulting and also holds webinars to teach your employees how to be data safe!

Fill out the form below and a MentorSec representative or Ocean Grown Agency, LLC project manager will reach out to you!