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The Best Cannabis Marketing Agency in California Google SEO

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The Need for SEO and Marketing for  A Cannabis Business

California, USA has started giving temporary licenses for medical and recreational marijuana businesses. Slowly and steadily it has created a massive market in many parts of USA and many people have started opting for such lucrative business. In order to standalone from the competitors in the market, cannabis business owners should have a proper and aggressive marketing plan. Gone are the days of offline marketing where businesses used to give advertisements on print media, televisions, radios etc. The tremendous popularity of internet has created a big impact on the marketing world. Take a look at Mark Zuckerberg, he built Facebook on selling ads on the internet. Internet Marketing for cannabis companies is omnipresent and has become one of the best tools to promote your business online.

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Business is all about making your presence felt in the market and if you are not able to do so then you are definitely going to miss out potential customers and may lose your business to your competitors. So if you are running your Cannabis and Marijuana business and looking forward to build an online reputation, then hiring a reputable online media marketing company is advisable. If you are cannabis entrepreneur and really want to understand how Search engine optimization can help your business then read on the following points:

  1. Increase in quality website Traffic and Sales: The number of people visiting your website is the most important factor which can decide the success of your website. Ideally it goes like this; the more visitors you have on your website, better are the chances of your business earning more income. This is because the role of search engine optimization is to bring only the targeted audience on your website looking especially for the product and services offered by your business. Cannabis SEO focuses on ranking your website on the initial pages of search engine by the usage of proper title tags, keyword related Meta description which therefore increases the chances of click through rate.
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  1. SEO is affordable: Marijuana SEO is one of the best business marketing methods which won’t hamper your bank balance. When compared to other forms of online marketing like pay per click advertisement, social media promotions, advertisements in print media etc SEO is very economical. SEO for your Cannabis business is beneficial for long run as the presence of your website will always be there on the search engines whereas on the other hand social media marketing and Pay per click campaigns will give your instant and one time traffic only.


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  1. Higher Return on Investment: Cannabis SEO has a potential to convert quality traffic when compared to any other source of online marketing. Invest today in a wise SEO strategy and it will give you returns for a long period of time as your Cannabis website ranking won’t disappear overnight. SEO can promote your Cannabis and Marijuana business 24/7 which is not possible in another source of marketing.


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  1. Brand Awareness: it’s a tendency of the people to visit the websites which has a top ranking on search engines and normally people trust such sites. An updated and optimized website along with pin point details of your products and services can help connect with potential customers in a better way. Marijuana SEO can really help you promote your business as a brand.


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  1. SEO is measurable: The best of cannabis Search engine optimization is that the conversions and the source of conversions can be easily measured. You can also check the improvement in the keyword and website ranking on the search engines. An SEO company can help you figure out the right keywords for your business and help you promote your business on search engines.


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  1. SEO does not include any paid advertisements: With marijuana SEO you only get organic traffic, you do not have to buy traffic through paid advertisements. So if you have a strong SEO strategy and a professional company then ranking your website higher on the search engines should not be a problem. This allows you to save lots of money on paid advertisements.


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  1. SEO and Mobile Friendliness: There is steady increase in the traffic coming from mobiles and it is estimated that around 50-60% of traffic on the internet comes from here. Getting traffic from mobile users is the next thing in online marketing. While creating your website ensure that it is mobile friendly. So along with promoting your website with the help of SEO, you are also promoting your mobile friendly sites.
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  1. SEO a better option to Cold Calling: People are literally fed with sales call as they are tired of answering numbers of call every day. Nowadays people actually search everything on Google and other search engines to gather any information about product or services. So investing in SEO is a better option than opting for cold calling.
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  1. Website speed also increases with SEO: High load time of your website can affect the ranking on the search engines, therefore while performing SEO on the website, the professional SEO company works on decreasing the website load time. This ensures a speedy website and also helps you to create a better user experience for the visitors.


  • Increase your business with SEO: SEO can literally bring in online and offline traffic to your local business. An affordable marketing option can really help you increase your business sales. This is because SEO promotes your business to those people who are looking specifically for the products or services related to your business.


The list of benefits from SEO will go on and on, but hiring a right SEO marketing company is a key. Ocean Grown Agency, LLC can really help you to start and market your Cannabis business from scratch. The professional and experienced SEO team can really help you to stand out on the search engines and take your business to a newer height. We are really capable of creating and implementing winning cannabis SEO strategies and taking you to the top of Google for your area.  You can visit www.oceangrownagency.com for more information on the services provided by us.