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The Best Marijuana Dispensary Designs

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Best Marijuana Dispensary Designs

Ocean Grown Agency and Creative Store Solutions

Our goal is to provide the new cannabis industry business
owners the best possible design, fixture and store supply solutions available. As
an experienced retail design and fixture firm, Creative Store Solutions prides itself
not only on providing quality products, but also providing the one-on-one customer
service required to create long-term relationships with it’s clients. Utilizing our
strengths of working with a diverse range of retail industries our staff will develop a
complete design path specific for each new dispensary location and
customer. We have learned over the years that our clients’ input is just as
important to the success of a project as ours, so the first step is to establish an
open channel of communication with each client. The designers at Creative Store
Solutions want to hear what each client’s vision is so at the end of the project we
not only create a store that sells goods but also hits the customer’s mark
Ocean Grown Agency

Ocean Grown Agency, LLC is in connection with the best dispensary design teams that do not make mistakes

Each new dispensary project will start with an initial phone consultation to
determine the correct direction of the project. Because not all locations will require
the same design package, this conversation will help us determine what services
best fit the customer. Typical design projects include the following scope of
  • Store Concept Review
  • Project Budget Analysis
  • Interior Floor Plans and Display Fixture Placement
  • Interior Wall Elevation Drawings
  • CAD Based Display Fixture Drawings
  • Display Fixture Colors and Material Specifications
  • Colors and Finish Schedules for Paint, Flooring, Ceilings and Walls
  • Retail Area Lighting Plans
  • Retail Area Graphics and Sign Placement
  • Retail Area Video Locations
  • Display Hardware and Accessory Selection Planning
  • Store Fixture & Equipment Bid and Review
Consultation through project completion
Headed by the owner, Bryan Stirle, whose life and working experience has been
focused on the retail industry since the 1980s, Creative Store Solutions offers a
team of well-trained employees and consultants who have the experience,
creativity and expertise to provide the services business owners will demand for
this new and exciting retail industry. Each and every customer, regardless of
location size, will experience access to knowledgeable representatives throughout
the design or purchase process with our company.