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We Build C1D1 California Cannabis Manufacturing Lab FlexMod Turn Key

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FlexMod Turn Key Weed Grow Room

Turn Key C1D1 Extraction Labs -Modular Cannabis Manufacturing Laboratory 

The FlexMod Cannabis C1D1 Manufacturing Laboratory is a remarkable product of innovative minds of Colorado cannabis experts. It is the brainchild of the FlexMod team with the goal of designing and constructing world-class facilities for the cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis. C1D1Labs.org is a team of California cannabis extraction experts who finally have an affordable, high-quality, solution for c1d1 extraction rooms.

The question is: Why modular?

Modular is fast. Building is completed faster by more than ½ the time if you were to use other designs. The use of modules produces distinct advantages:

  1. All delays brought about by inclement weather are resolved.
  2. Modules are installed promptly on-site.
  3. There is no problem of mold contamination due to moisture filtering through construction materials.
  4. It addresses the problem of traffic caused by equipment, workers, and suppliers.

The modular systems of C1D1 Labs & FlexMod conform to the International Building Code’s structural preconditions and local fire codes. The company’s wall system was designed to comply with earthquake zoning requirements as well as specific fire codes. The C1D1 Extraction Room panels went through rigid tests for fire protection and declared as Class A fire-resistant. All drawings are sealed using the stamp of a licensed engineer.

Compliant cannabis manufacturing lab

FlexMod c1d1 extraction lab

Benefits of the C1D1 Lab

The C1D1 Lab Wind Extraction Laboratory ensures a clean environment with built-in safety features. This laboratory facility is categorized under the Class 1 Division 1 environment. Hence, it adapts to a variety of working atmospheres or locations. The lab is fabricated like a wind tunnel where workstations can be set up anywhere in said facility. The C1D1 Lab was conceived for volume production since several stations can function simultaneously. The explosion-proof Flex Lab design features a three-stage safety process:

  1. The air unit generates air that flows into the laboratory. An 800 CFM Fan maintains consistent air movement to prevent any buildup of gas.
  2. The gas-detection system will open an exhaust or opening if high level of gas is discovered. A 5000 CFM fan gets rid of polluted air.
  3. The system triggers an alarm and closes down all electrical outlets in the lab if the gas levels continue to increase.
FlexMod Grow Room

Turn-Key Cannabis Grow Room

Essential Details

All the electrical and lighting fixtures conform to the C1D1 dangerous area prerequisites. There are spark-proof exhaust fans installed compatible with the temperature-regulated makeup air device. The system contains minimal amount of negative pressure within the cannabis facility to avert toxic gasses from seeping into adjacent areas. It is possible to replace the air unit with a folded filtration system for cost-efficiency if temperature controls are not required in your location.

The main distribution panel for electricity is weather-proof. This is positioned in the module’s exterior portion outside the unsafe area. C1D1 lab steel door is fitted with automatic closing and panic exit mechanisms. The entire module may be mounted on a swinging wheeled chassis on the structure or flooring for easy and unhampered movement. The C1D1 laboratory is complaint with standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), International Fire Code of 2015, National Fire Protection Association, and National Electric Code.

Get your cannabis manufacturing permits and state licensing with a C1D1 Lab today. Reach out to our team and get a lab drawn in your floor plans. Labs are available for finance!