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Extraction Labs – Build and Design A Cannabis Extraction Lab

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Buy A Cannabis Extraction Lab

Why get into product development with a cannabis extraction lab?

Have you ever seen or heard of THC “infused” products. Cannabis lollipops, brownies, lotions and other cannabis products are quickly becoming in high demand in medicinal and recreational areas. These products are being made mainly from trim produced by growers. This trim is often purchased by a cannabis extraction lab to developed into the products you see on the shelves inside cannabis dispensaries. The biggest product of all are cannabis concentrates. These concentrates are sold at a very high value and are turning grower’s trim into gold. Concentrates sell are selling very well in dispensaries all over the country.

Why choose Ocean Grown Agency for your cannabis extraction lab?

Ocean Grown Agency has the right people in the right places to get your business making money fast. Our professional cannabis extraction experts can help you choose a designer and builder for your lab. By working with several companies who have years of experience designing and building extraction labs we can find the perfect fit for you project. Each of our cannabis extraction companies have done years of cannabis market research to make sure their equipment, price, and timeline are optimized to create the most revenue and profit for you cannabis company.

From set up to staffing, our elite extraction experts and cannabis project managers will hold your hand while your design and build are being complete. Ocean Grown Agency works closely with cannabis extract training companies to offer staffing services for your cannabis extraction lab. We can also make sure that your lab is compliant from the very beginning!

What kind of cannabis extraction lab should your company look for?

Depending on your cannabis business plan, there are several different solutions for cannabis extraction labs. Our favorite solutions are always turnkey. This minimizes design costs and mistakes and streamlines your cannabis company to production. All of our extraction companies also offer custom designs to your space. This can maximize production by using ALL of your real estate space to the fullest potential, helping get the most yield.  After the decision of a pre design or a custom design, you should know what extraction process you want to use.

CO2 Oil:

One of the biggest advantages to using CO2 extraction is lack of any flammable petroleum based solvents (like butane) into contact with you cannabis extract. This method is much safer as it removes the danger of explosive reactions and also creates a purer product as non of those solvents end up in your extracted product. If you care about the environment as much as Ocean Grown Agency does, then CO2 extraction for your cannabis is a perfect fit for your company. The extraction process has no carbon footprint in our atmosphere creating a clean alternative. CO2 is considered a natural product since it created from your very breath. The FDA approves CO2 in products like soda pop.

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Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

Butane Hash Oil or BHO is a very commonly used process to extract THC from the cannabis plant matter. BHO can come in various forms from cannabis shatter to a waxy consistency. Butane Hash Oil normally has a very high THC content ranging from 60 to 90 percent creating some of the most potent cannabis products sold on the market.

Although BHO has it’s cons, there are many positive qualities to the product. Butane Hash Oil typically is very flavorful and has more present terpene expression than CO2. This is what gives each strain of marijuana a different taste and aroma, which can be branded, marketed, and sold.

BHO does have one bad reputation of having residual solvents. These solvents can be unhealthy for your lungs and body. However, this reputation has stemmed from the homemade extract business, which is becoming less and less everyday. Our BHO extraction labs pass laboratory tests and contain a very low risk of residual solvents.

butane hash oil

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