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C1D1 Extraction Rooms in California

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Class 1 Division 1 Lab

Class 1 Division 1 Cannabis Extraction Labs

Recently the State of California has been giving business licenses for the use of volatile solvents in the extraction of cannabis. However, permits for extracting cannabis with volatile solvents such as propane or butane has become harder and harder to accomplish. Not only are there a headache of regulations, but it is quite expensive. The build out of a C1D1 Extraction Room requires engineers and UL listed components.

C1D1 Extraction Rooms

C1D1 Labs has turn key solutions for easy permitting and state licensing

The Solutions For Permitting

C1D1Labs.org is a new company to market giving turn key solutions for C1D1 Extraction Rooms. This company was founded by Type 7 business owners who saw the need for an affordable, high quality solution that takes the headache away. Having a turn key solution that has all the information any municipality would require also means a lot less work. This takes away higher lawyers, engineers, and other expensive services.

Turn Key C1D1 Extraction Room

Visit C1D1Labs.org or check them out on Instagram @C1D1Labs

The best part? C1D1 Labs sends your laboratory in easy-to-build pieces. Allowing you to quickly build your facility, without having to cut a hole in the side of your building. This kind of “modular” C1D1 extraction room saves you money, time, and gets you started working. C1D1Labs.org is known to be both affordable and high quality. Giving other, over-priced, companies on the market something to fear.

Extraction Booths for Cannabis Manufacturing

The C1D1 Labs team designed an extraction booth that has great features. The C1D1 exit light and overhead lighting comes standard. Normally, other companies would charge more for this feature. In addition, they have also made the gas detection and alarm features standard on all their models. If the volatile solvents in the air reach a certain level, the booth will let you know to stop working and address the situation. Something the lab techs will find nice, is that all the C1D1 Labs are outfitted with an air make-up unit. This heats creates a comfortable environment for anyone working in the extraction booth. Most importantly, these extraction labs come with a 2 hour firewall! 

Cannabis Management

Ocean Grown Agency, LLC is proud to be a solution for turn key extraction labs and more

What’s the best part about moving away from a shipping container and into something more affordable and higher quality. Bigger and more custom solutions. For example, while other companies claim they use shipping containers for air flow, this team can design C1D1 Extraction Rooms that are square. That way to maximize any square feet you may have available in your Type 7 or Type 6 cannabis facility.

C1D1 Extraction Rooms are shipped around the world and can come with California’s best cannabis extracting courses. Ocean Grown Agency, LLC work with C1D1Labs.org to design your closed-loop system, extraction room, and teach you how to use them to create the products you desire.

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