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C1D1 Extraction Rooms For Cannabis

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Modular C1D1 Extraction Room

Modular C1D1 Extraction Booths

C1D1Labs.org is a new company coming to market in the cannabis industry. A sister company of Ocean Grown Agency, LLC, C1D1 Labs has the experience in permitting and licensing to streamline your company to compliance and an operational status. The company recently created a line of cannabis extraction booths that have more safety features that won’t need to be readjusted as regulations change in certain municipalities.

Class 1 Division 1 Lab

Class 1 Division 1 Cannabis Extraction Rooms

For example, a lot of volatile cannabis manufacturing facilities who purchased a HAL extraction booth, or a FlexMod unit, expected a “turn-key solution” (especially after paying for overpriced units). Recently, fire departments have been calling for fire wall ratings that neither of those companies have accomplished. C1D1 Labs, LLC builds their booths with 2 hour fire wall ratings, all the way around. Meeting fire codes in cities that allow type 7 licenses.

New Standards in Cannabis Extraction Rooms

C1D1 Labs, LLC worked closely with Ocean Grown Agency, LLC to develop a booth that exceeded safety requirements. All of the cannabis modular extraction rooms come with an independent and automatic fire suppression unit…standard. This is something that other companies charge 5 to 10 thousand dollars for, and our companies gives you at no extra cost.

Turn Key C1D1 Extraction Room

Visit C1D1Labs.org or check them out on Instagram @C1D1Labs

In addition to automatic fire suppression and 2 hour fire rated walls in your extraction room, we will also include top of the line gas detection and alarms. This will keep the lab techs safe while they operate with butane, propane, or other volatile compounds.

Modular Extraction Rooms!

This means streamlining your build-out! Skip some of the time consuming building permits and go with a C1D1 Modular Extraction Booth. These are delivered right to your front door, or through your rolling doors. Our units are built in days, not weeks! There are too many cannabis business owners who are paying rent and NOT making money. Don’t be one of these people! Get the right tools for the job, and get to work!

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