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Get a cannabis licensing in california

How to build an extraction operation

Cannabis Extraction Business Planning The extraction business is high in demand and the cannabis extraction business is by far one of the most profitable ones. Extractions are carried out on a daily basis in other markets and in your daily life. If you drink coffee, you may even have performed an extraction to create a fresh cup of coffee. In the same way that coffee is extracted, plants such as marijuana can also be extracted ...
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Modular Extraction Booths

Modular Extraction Booths and Cannabis Consulting

C1D1 Labs LLC and Columbo Labs team up! C1D1 Labs LLC out of Oakland, California is a company dedicated to giving the tools and resources to cannabis business owners. That is why they have launched a line of modular extraction booths that makes permitting much easier, at an affordable price. These extraction booths are built to the NFPA fire codes for extraction booths that just came out this year! Being such a solution driven company, ...
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Modular C1D1 Extraction Room

C1D1 Extraction Rooms For Cannabis

Modular C1D1 Extraction Booths is a new company coming to market in the cannabis industry. A sister company of Ocean Grown Agency, LLC, C1D1 Labs has the experience in permitting and licensing to streamline your company to compliance and an operational status. The company recently created a line of cannabis extraction booths that have more safety features that won't need to be readjusted as regulations change in certain municipalities. For example, a lot of ...
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Class 1 Division 1 Lab

C1D1 Extraction Rooms in California

Class 1 Division 1 Cannabis Extraction Labs Recently the State of California has been giving business licenses for the use of volatile solvents in the extraction of cannabis. However, permits for extracting cannabis with volatile solvents such as propane or butane has become harder and harder to accomplish. Not only are there a headache of regulations, but it is quite expensive. The build out of a C1D1 Extraction Room requires engineers and UL listed components. The ...
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The Best Cannabis Marketing Agency in California Google SEO

The Need for SEO and Marketing for  A Cannabis Business California, USA has started giving temporary licenses for medical and recreational marijuana businesses. Slowly and steadily it has created a massive market in many parts of USA and many people have started opting for such lucrative business. In order to standalone from the competitors in the market, cannabis business owners should have a proper and aggressive marketing plan. Gone are the days of offline marketing ...
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c1d1 cannabis manufacturing consultant

Indoor Cultivation Facility and C1D1 Cannabis Manufacturing Lab

The Right Equipment for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation There is no doubt that growing of cannabis requires a lot of care which the FlexMod can provide. Aside from the facilities, cannabis growers should also look into other concerns like equipment systems. It is not only the physical structure or area that is important but all the apparatus and fixtures as well. Marijuana planters have to find a reliable manufacturer for their cultivation equipment that will provide ...
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Cannabis Social Media Management

Why Sell Merchandise For Your Cannabis Company

Sell Merchandise to Grow your Cannabis Enterprise This is how companies like Jungle Boys and Cookies monetize their social media and website traffic in addition to spreading their brand nation and world wide. It’s not all about selling medical cannabis even if it is legal in your state. As an enterprising cannabis business owner, you can generate revenues by selling relevant products and implementing online marketing strategies. You can make a list of possible items ...
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Marijuana Marketing in Oakland

Cannabis Internet Marketing in California

Main Reasons your Cannabis Company Needs Internet Marketing The medical and recreational cannabis business is starting to create massive markets in some states of the US.  Owners of these companies must become more aggressive to beat the competition. If you have a limited budget for promotions and advertising, your best option is Internet Marketing campaigns. Nurturing your brand and attracting more clients are the keys to growing your marijuana enterprise. Hiring a digital agency like ...
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Cannabis Seo

Google Search Engine Optimization for Cannabis Enterprises

Google SEO for Cannabis Companies Medical and recreational marijuana entrepreneurs need Google SEO to enhance their respective dispensaries, services, and merchandise. With the cannabis business flourishing in many states, the level of competition also stepped up making it mandatory for major players to boost their marketing efforts. SEO Strategies Speaking of strategies, here are three factors that you need to think about wisely: Make use of extensive keyword research with analytics to choose highly-competitive keywords ...
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Compliant cannabis manufacturing lab

Turn Key C1D1 Laboratory for Cannabis Manufacturers in California

C1D1 Combination Unit Extraction This is another first from C1D1 Labs. The C1D1 Combination Unit Extraction Lab was created for precision and efficiency. The adaptable facility is meets the requirements for a well-designed and functional cannabis laboratory with detached non-classified working areas in a single modular unit. All elements are resistant to sparks and blasts thereby establishing a secure environment for all technicians. End-users can put in workstations in all areas of the facility’s non-classified ...
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FlexMod Turn Key Weed Grow Room

We Build C1D1 California Cannabis Manufacturing Lab FlexMod Turn Key

Turn Key C1D1 Extraction Labs -Modular Cannabis Manufacturing Laboratory  The FlexMod Cannabis C1D1 Manufacturing Laboratory is a remarkable product of innovative minds of Colorado cannabis experts. It is the brainchild of the FlexMod team with the goal of designing and constructing world-class facilities for the cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis. is a team of California cannabis extraction experts who finally have an affordable, high-quality, solution for c1d1 extraction rooms. The question is: Why modular? Modular ...
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Marijuana SEO

5 Reason Why Marijuana Dispensaries Need a Website!

Five Reasons Dispensaries Need Formidable Web Presence Dispensaries like other enterprises and facilities require web presence to make their business or service more competitive. Without a website, the dispensary will find it difficult to thrive and compete with other players in a dog eat dog market. Dispensary operators must determine the specific reasons of creating a marijuana business website. More Visible Presence A recent survey showed more that 80% of consumers search for services online ...
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Marijuana Marketing

An Intro to Cannabis Internet Marketing in California

Marijuana Internet Marketing and Cannabis Social Media Management A well-executed internet marketing campaign can help your Cannabis business. Digital marketing techniques consist of a business website, blog posting, email marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Web marketing is cost-effective. It makes use of essential performance parameters such as clicks, impressions, and conversion rates. Such information provides the marijuana enterprise important data as gauge whether marketing initiatives are effective or not. Content Marketing The ...
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Cannabis Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Engine Optimization for Marijuana Companies

How to achieve an online presence for your cannabis company. Google SEO and more. The medical and recreational marijuana business is gradually thriving in many parts of the United States. In fact, many foreigners also contact reputable cannabis businesses in the country further increasing the level of competition in this industry. For online marketing purposes, cannabis business operators need to improve visibility and enhance their rankings in primary search engines. Smart entrepreneurs must become more ...
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C1D1 Manufacturing Lab

FlexMod Turn Key C1D1 Marijuana Manufacturing Lab

C1D1 | WIND TUNNEL This volatile manufacturing lab will allow for an efficient working environment because the whole unit is a class 1 division 1 environment. It is built in such a way that you can perform any of your operation in this lab which is built for large-scale volatile production. FlexMods are ready for city and state applications, meeting all the requirement to manufacture cannabis. This is made well for a large-scale operation where ...
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FlexMod Turn Key Weed Grow Room

Turn Key Cannabis Grow with FlexMod GrowMods

The FlexMOD GrowMod is the Best Turn Key Solution to Grow Marijuana  The rise of cannabis industry FlexMOD designers’ will work with your designers to guarantee that they augment each cubic inch of the office to make an answer that enables you to augment your yield generation. Regardless of whether that implies introducing a system of our measured board units inside the space or potentially assembling a custom arrangement from the beginning, their experts will ...
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FlexMod Grow Room

FlexMod Turn-Key Marijuana Cultivation

The Flexmod solutions Need for flexmod With the quick and rapidly expanding markets, city halls and local governments are looking to permit marijuana cultivation to make money taking the growers. It is important to be prepared with solutions that cover anything the city may challenge. The company Flexmod works towards this goal. Because of them, you can grow your cannabis, plants, and flowers rapidly so that they can hit the market as soon as possible ...
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Ocean grown agency and flexmod

FlexMod Extraction and Manufacturing Turn Key Lab

Everything you need to know about FlexMod Labs and Modular Grow Rooms To view more information on FlexMod, including marketing videos and more please click here. What is flexmod? Flexmod is a Modular Cultivation and Extraction Solutions company situated in Colorado. This is a company, which has high tech solutions for cannabis manufacturing and growing, spanning market verticals and other cultivation facilities. FlexMod is registered to North America’s Cannabis Organization and is used by companies ...
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Cannabis SEO

Marijuana SEO, A basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization

Marijuana Search Engine Optimization Marijuana is still illegal in 15 states in the US. This law has made a little boom for marijuana marketing organizations which have developed to permit marijuana co-marketing players to license marijuana marketing. SEO for cannabis organizations is vital because of two reasons. First, since individuals cannot pay for Google AdWords, they cannot pay to be at the highest level of Google without fresh, organic content. If one does not make ...
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marijuana Social Media Marketing

Marijuana Social Media Management and Marketing

Marijuana Social Media Management Advertising your marijuana business requires a robust social media strategy. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others have enormous online influence and can facilitate the best way to reach your customers.  However, increasing your audience and brand name on social media is a difficult task. There are many variants to be considered, and an organized, strategic approach is necessary to be successful. Social media is a very new ...
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cannabis consulting

Marijuana Search Engine Optimization

Marijuana SEO Many Marijuana-related websites find it hard to get traffic. It's not enough to only have a website; it is important to have a robust online presence. That's where marijuana search engine optimization comes in. A good Search Engine Optimization strategy guarantees the growth of your business. Search engine optimization entails fine-tuning your digital activity and content in a way that improves your brand visibility to potential consumers on search engines. If you are ...
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The Best cannabis social media management

Cannabis Social Media Marketing: A Brief Guideline

Marijuana Social Media Marketing If you leave out social media from your marketing platforms, you are as good as leaving out the digital media of marketing. Although marijuana social media is only a part of digital media, in our modern day society, it has become the pioneer in spreading startups and increasing sells. That being said, it is also very important to note that due to the federal illegal status of marijuana, many policies will ...
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Marijuana SEO

Marijuana SEO

Cannabis SEO With the expansion of medical and recreational marijuana, the competition is getting fierce every day. The number of rapidly growing competitors is making it almost easy to be drowned amidst many similar brands. It is estimated that about 80% of the consumer Google the product before making a purchase. Which brings us to the part of being visible online. With restrictions in Google advertising policies, many a time search results return with an ...
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Cannabis social media

Cannabis Social Media Management and Marketing

The Best Cannabis Social Media Management and Marketing Are you a Ganjaprenuer? Are you looking for to expand your Ganja-business in the legal cannabis market? Ocean Grown Agency and First Gear Design will help create a plan of action for your online and local patrons.   So, it is a good thing you’ve stopped here at the best cannabis blog. The cannabis industry is moving into a golden period with more states selecting to legalize both recreational and medical marijuana and we want to help create your company’s online identity ...
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The Best Marijuana Dispensary Designs

Best Marijuana Dispensary Designs Ocean Grown Agency and Creative Store Solutions Our goal is to provide the new cannabis industry business owners the best possible design, fixture and store supply solutions available. As an experienced retail design and fixture firm, Creative Store Solutions prides itself not only on providing quality products, but also providing the one-on-one customer service required to create long-term relationships with it's clients. Utilizing our strengths of working with a diverse range ...
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The End Of Jeff Session

How Could The End Of Jeff Sessions Create A Cannabis Boom? Sessions Under Fire: If you pay attention to what is going on with the Trump Administration, we understand if you don't, you probably know about all the tension between Trump and Sessions. It is also very clear that people can easily be removed from his administration and replaced, as seen by our new Chief Of Staff John Kelly. Here is something you might NOT ...
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The Best Cannabis Websites

Best Cannabis Web Design

Best Cannabis Web Design Why buy the best cannabis web design and internet marketing? With the clock counting down to January, investors flock to California as the state prepares to legalize the recreational sales of cannabis. Cultivation, transportation, dispensary, distribution, and other licenses are going to be available to businesses that are complaint to state and local laws. As of October, license applications will be available. This means that for anyone who is serious about ...
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The Best Cannabis Business Plans

Why does a cannabis company need a business plan? A business plan is key for a new company in any industry. It serves as your company’s playbook and helps you chart your course. Starting a new company without a business plan is akin to building a house with no blueprint, or sumitting Mt. Everest with no map. It greatly increases your chances of success. In the cannabis industry, a business plan is even more important ...
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Ocean Grown Agency, LLC

Best Cannabis Cyber Security Company in California

Cannabis Cyber Security Cannabis Cyber Security In The News By now, most cannabis business owners understand they need a seed to sale software to control their grow, transportation, and sales. This software holds all the data and information for your business and is becoming a target for hackers. MJ Freeway, one of the highest selling cannabis seed to sale software companies, has over 1,000 clients all over the United States. Their databases have recently seen a ...
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Ocean Grown Agency

Best Cannabis Consulting Agency

Best Cannabis Consulting Agency FREE Cannabis Consulting Agency: Looking for the best cannabis consulting agency in California? Look no further. Ocean Grown Agency, LLC is a cannabis consulting agency that lets you keep your company while it is being built. By being connected to the best in the industry Ocean Grown Agency, LLC is able to build the big picture and guide investors to all the best cannabis experts. All of our affiliates have had ...
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ocean grown agency extraction lab

Extraction Labs – Build and Design A Cannabis Extraction Lab

Buy A Cannabis Extraction Lab Why get into product development with a cannabis extraction lab? Have you ever seen or heard of THC "infused" products. Cannabis lollipops, brownies, lotions and other cannabis products are quickly becoming in high demand in medicinal and recreational areas. These products are being made mainly from trim produced by growers. This trim is often purchased by a cannabis extraction lab to developed into the products you see on the shelves ...
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5 Reasons to have a dispensary website

Dispensary Website: 5 Reasons To Have One

When creating a budget for your dispensary website, you should remember that every penny you put in can add exponential value to your cannabis company. Companies that want to compete in the cannabis industry hand out big dollars to make sure that their website is not only seen but also user-friendly, represents their brand accurately, and becomes something beautiful. Ocean Grown Agency partners with the best cannabis web design teams in the country to ensure ...
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Best Cannabis Consulting Company

Best Cannabis Consulting Company There is no question the cannabis industry is getting attention from all sorts of investors. With the increase of new cannabis companies in all over the country, the need for the best cannabis consulting company is greater than ever. Ocean Grown Agency is unlike any other cannabis consulting company before us. We hold your hand all the way through your investment, for free. We know the need to get professional, experienced ...
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Cannabis Trim

Buy or Sell Cannabis Trim Once a cannabis grower harvests their cannabis and the trimmers are finished preparing your product, there is plenty of good cannabis trim that can be put to good use. This trim can be purchased, made into a wax or shatter, vape pens, or even a medicated topical! If you are an extraction lab looking for trim please fill out the form at the bottom of the page There are plenty ...
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CannaSteps To Success

CannaSteps To Success Steps for any cannabis investor! Here at Ocean Grown Cannabis Consulting Agency we understand the value of the cannabis market and the opportunities of legislation of this wonderful product. We have broken down the 6 essential steps to investing in the cannabis industry. Let's take a look! Step 1: Talk To A Cannabis Lawyer At Ocean Grown Cannabis Consulting Agency we give the best cannabis legal education to make sure you fully ...
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Stand Out In The Smoke

Get the best cannabis branding! With the booming cannabis market comes a lot of opportunity Ocean Grown Cannabis Consulting Agency can equip your cannabis company with an influential logo, brand, marketing plan, and PR team. Having these tools will allow you market successfully and have your company be seen. Having a strong, recognizable brand for medical marijuana growers and other companies in California is key. Having your cannabis brand respected by local dispensaries and consumers ...
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Cannabis Market

Looking to invest in the Cannabis Industry? Let's take a look at what is happening the country and in the state of California: According to Ackrell Capital the Cannabis industry is estimated to reach 6.7 dollars by the end of 2017, and the market is climbing fast. This number will grow at an increasing rate as more places in the country pass legislation and allow the sale of cannabis. This "unknown" growth is going to make ...
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best cannabis websites

Cannabis Websites – Best Cannabis Websites

Best Cannabis Websites With medical marijuana and the full recreational use of cannabis in many states, comes the responsibility and opportunity to start cannabis branding. At Ocean Grown Agency we understand that before you sell your product, cannabis market experts should prepare a logo, brand, and marketing plan. Competition is getting stronger every day in these states that have medical and recreational laws set in place, does your product stand out? Once you have established ...
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