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Cannabis Internet Marketing in California

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Marijuana Marketing in Oakland

Main Reasons your Cannabis Company Needs Internet Marketing

The medical and recreational cannabis business is starting to create massive markets in some states of the US.  Owners of these companies must become more aggressive to beat the competition. If you have a limited budget for promotions and advertising, your best option is Internet Marketing campaigns. Nurturing your brand and attracting more clients are the keys to growing your marijuana enterprise. Hiring a digital agency like Ocean Grown Agency, LLC will allow you to create demand for your products, in a very competitive industry.

Marijuana SEO

Marijuana Internet Marketing and Cannabis Websites

Internet Marketing is Affordable

Traditional advertising channels are expensive. The most cost-effective technique is through online marketing. This method involves tools that drive traffic to your website and Goolgle business to generate leads that will eventually produce sales. It consists of pay per click, email marketing, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Management.  We offer SEO for only $400 and have seen over 70,000 Google actions per month. Organic traffic is the most valuable tool you can have.

Cannabis Seo

Ocean Grown Agency, LLC has the best marijuana marketing

Around 80% of consumers look for services and merchandise online through search engines like Google. It will be easier for customers to find your cannabis dispensary with a user-friendly and informative site. Besides, there are no boundaries in Internet marketing. Your dispensary may be located in San Francisco but customers from Europe and Asia can access your eCommerce shop without any difficulty.

Cannabis SEO

Cannabis SEO from Ocean Grown Agency, LLC drives results and conversions that make your company company.


Useful Customer Services Strategy

Marijuana consumers who find your enterprise on the worldwide web will obtain all helpful information about your service. It translates to 100% satisfaction. There is no better way than web marketing for small businesses and startups to compete with big companies. You can build a professional brand name that projects expertise consumers will find dependable in addition to selling merch around the world!

Marijuana Marketing

Cannabis Internet Marketing


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You can establish integrity with online marketing. Modern entrepreneurs without websites find it difficult to contend with their business rivals. An optimized site along with a well-thought out Internet marketing campaign allows the marijuana business to communicate with potential customers. The cannabis dispensary can present a comprehensive explanation of its company profile, products and services, contact information, and schedule of operations using an interactive website.

Cannabis Google Search Engine Optimization

Marijuana Google SEO

Time Saver

Finally, you save time through a full-blown web marketing effort. By having a team of professionals do the work for you, you can allocate your time to something else. Our team knows how to gain over 1000 local followers every month. To make it easier, identify your monthly spending budget, target consumers, branding, and marketing strategy. It is advisable to outsource these services to an experienced and competent SEO and marketing team.  Ocean Grown Agency, LLC hires experts who know technology and they are located right here in San Francisco.

Cannabis Search Engine Optimization

Marijuana Search Engine Optimization

Expectations for the Cannabis Business Owner

The competition is expected to get tougher as three more states are considering legalizing the use of recreational and medical marijuana. At present, there are eight states together with Washington (District of Columbia) which have chosen to authorize cannabis in their respective areas. Legalization implies that business opportunities will increase. It is about time to augment your present efforts to attain high rankings in primary search engines. Move fast before other companies move ahead of you and take away prospective clients.