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Cannabis Trim

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Buy or Sell Cannabis Trim

Once a cannabis grower harvests their cannabis and the trimmers are finished preparing your product, there is plenty of good cannabis trim that can be put to good use. This trim can be purchased, made into a wax or shatter, vape pens, or even a medicated topical!

If you are an extraction lab looking for trim please fill out the form at the bottom of the page

There are plenty of good uses to you trim, but which is the best for you? Ocean Grown Agency has extraction consultants that have the answers to your questions. They will find a custom solution based upon your business plans. Let us take a look at some of the solutions we have set up for our growers:

  1. We can come transport your cannabis trim to a lab. Ocean Grown Agency will meet you anywhere you need to come pick up your product. We will pay you on site for your cannabis trim and just like that you have turned cannabis trim into cash.
  2. Ocean Grown Agency, LLC also works with the best extraction labs around. This means quality product. It is very common for growers to sell their trim to a lab and buy back their product at a very discounted price. The growers will then sell their extracted product with their weed! This is a GREAT way to increase your revenue and profits this harvest.
  3. Not only does Ocean Grown cannabis consulting agency work with cannabis extraction labs in your area, but we also work the teams who build them. Cut your costs and talk to one of our project managers today about purchasing a C1D1 extraction lab that can keep up with your product development needs. We have all sorts of cannabis extraction solutions like the FlexMod, a turnkey cannabis extraction lab!
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    Fill out the form below and write us a short summary of your interest and one of our cannabis project mangers or cannabis extraction experts will reach out to you within 24 hours.