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CannaSteps To Success

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CannaSteps To Success

Steps for any cannabis investor!

Here at Ocean Grown Cannabis Consulting Agency we understand the value of the cannabis market and the opportunities of legislation of this wonderful product. We have broken down the 6 essential steps to investing in the cannabis industry. Let’s take a look!


Step 1: Talk To A Cannabis Lawyer

At Ocean Grown Cannabis Consulting Agency we give the best cannabis legal education to make sure you fully understand the regulations placed by both the state and local governments. This will both minimize risk and maximize opportunity. Our lawyer is a Harvard Law graduate with experience in the marijuana industry. We want you to be fully prepared before you invest!

Step 2: Propose A Plan

Now that you have an idea of what you want to do and where you want to do it, our cannabis business development team will do intensive market research and financial projections for your company. Our team of cannabis industry experts is devoted to each section of your business plan, from dedicated market cannabis researchers and financial modelers to strategists and writers. Looking to get funded? You’ve got vision—but investors demand more than a great idea. Get your best shot at funding a cannabis business with a comprehensive marijuana business plan tailored to your investor’s needs. Our plans go beyond basic guidelines. They’re built from the ground up and proven to work.

Ocean Grown Cannabis Consulting Agency

Step 3: Do The Paperwork

Our team of cannabis paper pushers has the track record of successful licenses and permits. The State of California has a deadline to create the legislation and regulations around the cannabis industry by January 2018. Until then, each county and city’s ordinances, permits, and so on continue to develop. Before building your project our elite team of cannabis licensing and permitting team will help you file the paperwork and get the requirement you need to start a successful cannabis business.

Step 4: Build The Project

Our teams work together so that everything is “turnkey” for our clients. From the beginning, our teams have worked together to include the building companies in the business plan and projected costs. This helps the “turnkey” process and streamline your the building of your business. We work with only the best greenhouse and warehouse experts in the cannabis industry providing our clients with the highest quality cannabis growing equipment producing higher yields of higher quality product! If you are looking to start a cannabis dispensary, we work with the best to staff your company to ensure success.

,Step 5: Market Your Brand

Now that your producing some of the best product in the cannabis industry, let us help you get your product seen by your consumers. Our experience in the cannabis industry helps us create an image that will be loved by your target audience. Everything from your logo and website colors are chosen based upon research and data. Then, our elite cannabis marketing teams will construct a strategic marking plan specific to your brand and execute with style. Have people looking for your product, rather your company looking for consumers.

Step 6: Sell Your Product 

This is our favorite step. We love to watch the dreams of our clients come true. Your product will start to create revenue and our CPAs will help you keep your books with our seed to sale systems and prepare your taxes.


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