Ocean Grown Agency, LLC and FlexMOD

At FlexMOD, we are revolutionizing the grow industry with our proven method of designing and building facilities.  Whether you just need a single extraction room or a stand-alone 300,000+ ft.² commercial facility, we will design and build it for you.  Our modules can also be added onto or built inside of an existing facility.  We provide both a permanent and a portable solution.

You can choose from a basic facility ready for equipment and lighting to a complete packaged system, ready for production. Speed to market is the driving force for growers and investors today. A conventionally built facility could take up to a year to complete.  We build modular grow facilities faster than conventional one-off construction, making FlexMOD the obvious choice for getting up and running quickly. With our facilities, you could generate up to two harvests in the amount of time it would take to build a traditional facility.

Our staff includes former owners of multiple dispensaries, former growers, a chief designer who has designed a wide variety of commercial grow facilities, both conventional and modular, and experts in compliance and financing.  We also have strategic partnerships with vendors, and with our in-house buying power, you will see significant savings when you purchase your lighting, HVAC, and equipment through us for your facility.  We can also help you secure financing should you need it.

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