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FlexMod Extraction and Manufacturing Turn Key Lab

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Ocean grown agency and flexmod

Everything you need to know about FlexMod Labs and Modular Grow Rooms

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What is flexmod?

Flexmod is a Modular Cultivation and Extraction Solutions company situated in Colorado. This is a company, which has high tech solutions for cannabis manufacturing and growing, spanning market verticals and other cultivation facilities. FlexMod is registered to North America’s Cannabis Organization and is used by companies all over California. The company has high tech designing, modeling, engineering, construction and installing facilities quickly and efficiently. Get permitted faster in your local government and have a solution recognized by your state for licensing applications.  The company has different services for individual growth as well as the commercial small-scale group growing and the cultivation facilities. They provide high-quality services, which can match the standards of NASA and Tesla. Therefore, it is safe to say that they are working towards providing high-quality service to its customers.

FlexMOD Turn key cannabis manufacturing lab

FlexMod has turn-key solutions for cannabis manufacturing and cultivation.

Why do we need Flexmod products?

The answer is very simple. If you are looking for cannabis growing or the plant spanning and legal experimentation then you need a safe and sound place to complete your process. The company offers services for individual growth as well as nursey growing. So you can expand your spanning or grow without too much of problem. If you want to grow them at your place then the company will design and construct a perfect module for you so that you can use it without any problem. All you need to do is this, first, note your requirements and needs. Then call them and explain your need. They will give you a quotation and when you come to a deal, they will manufacture it and send it to your place ready to start working. All simple right? The company provides state of art technology for their customers so that they can develop their projects properly. The company also concentrates on the cost-effective and efficient model of business.

FlexMod marijuana Cultivation room

FlexMod has modular turn-key solutions for Marijuana Cultivation and Cannabis Grow Rooms.

Services offered by Flexmod

They offer a wide variety of services and products from proper lighting facility to properly build a high tech growing room or warehouse. The three important cultivation services offered by them are as follows.

To view more information on FlexMod, including marketing videos and more please click here.

                  1.Facility Design Services

The company concentrates on the model called Value Engineering. The customer will get a cost-effective design and service which is good for both quality and the quantity aspects. The designing involves room properties, dimensions, and floor planning etc. they have well-trained professionals and engineers who work to provide excellent quality product design, modeling and servicing at a lower cost. The process systematic steps to provide a proper review, design recommendations, production optimization, workflow, Load & quantity evaluations. The process includes all kinds of lighting, room structure, and the modular requirements.

                2. Equipment Solutions

The company provides all kinds of products. You can get the lighting source, battery, clean room technology and the modular labs. You can easily grow high-quality cannabis, plants or flowers in these facilities. The equipment is of innovative technology. Highly reliable for sure.

FlexMod Marijuana Manufacturing Lab

C1D1 Turn Key Marijuana Extraction Lab

             3.PreFab Modular

FlexMod constructs these modular rooms quickly, saving your company time and offers a solution to start making money as soon as possible. These are designed to provide the best environment for the plant of cannabis growing process. The walls are perfectly equipped with transmission lines, electrical systems, lighting systems etc. these modular designs have many features like. They are fireproof because of the fire resistant material. They have roof reflection and earthquake ball bearing facilities. They have the ability of moisture resist Comply with the CGMP standards. They need to be sanitized or chemically cleaned for better performance. They have cover plates you can remove them anytime you want to replace or repair the electric systems.

Watch the entire Process

The present producers now have the novel chance to Speed to Market with a quality and working develop office that incorporates a demonstrated turnkey framework arrangement with coordinated utility frameworks and associations. Our particular develop office development enables you to begin creating income up to 70% quicker than the traditional irregular development designs. This will make sure that the customers can achieve their goal very quickly and they can take proper outcome out of it. With this, process the fear of losing your plantation or problems modular growing will reduce significantly.

C1D1 manufacturing lab FlexMod

FlexMod has the highest quality c1d1 extraction labs. Here are the sizes available

Extraction Lab

They offer three kinds of extraction labs to its customers. They are

  1. CO2 extraction: In this non-flammable lab arrangement, you have the advantage of a spotless room like condition joined with security highlights to confine presentation to intemperate CO2. Labs are equipped with CO2 location screens to meet security necessities while guaranteeing ideal air course. The FlexLAB CO2 is the perfect system for C02 extractions.
  2. C1D1 Wind Tunnel Extraction Lab: This lab will oblige numerous workplaces in light of the fact that the whole unit is a Class 1 Division 1 condition. Assembled like a breeze burrow, you can set up your workstations essentially anywhere in this lab. Intended for high generation utilizing different workstations. The lab is blast proof and spark proof.
  3. C1D1 Combination Unit Extraction Lab: this system has both C1D1 compliant with the environment. This is also blast proof. You can use ovens, roto vapes, and different equipment.


You can grow a flower, vegetables, and plants by using these grow moss. Within eight weeks, they will deliver these mods. They are available in three standard sizes of 8, wide size 12 and doublewide size of 16. They use HVAC systems for the result in just 12 weeks after the first setup. They offer mods in mod20 and mod40 for different area size with similar features.


The company offers a high-quality product at low cost with design, engineer, construct and install systems. You can order them in three ways basic, Basic Plus and Full Services Install. They offer all kinds of mods in different sizes with well-equipped features.

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