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FlexMod Turn Key C1D1 Marijuana Manufacturing Lab

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C1D1 Manufacturing Lab



This volatile manufacturing lab will allow for an efficient working environment because the whole unit is a class 1 division 1 environment. It is built in such a way that you can perform any of your operation in this lab which is built for large-scale volatile production. FlexMods are ready for city and state applications, meeting all the requirement to manufacture cannabis. This is made well for a large-scale operation where class 1 division 1 environment can be required.

Modular Marijuana Lab

Marijuana Manufacturing Labs that are easy for permitting

. The lab is built with components which are blast-poof and spark-proof.


This C1D1 explosion proof Flex LAB design includes a 3 phase safety process.

Phase 1: Fresh air comes in through the make-up tight air unit and is removed by 800CFM fan to support airflow and to prevent gas build up.

Phase 2: If the gas has been detected to have a higher volume, the gas detection system will bring about the opening of the vent and 500CFM fan remove the contaminated air.

Phase 3: If gas continues to increase in volume, the system will turn-on an alarm that can be heard and also shut the electrical outlet that supports the action.

FlexMod Grow Room

Turn-Key Cannabis Grow Room


  • All light used fixtures, electrical product, and switches used are spark-proof and suitable for Class 1 Division dangerous area requirements.
  • The spark-proof exhaust fans, and the temperature controlled makeup air unit, use 100% fresh air outside the to give the needed air flow rate over your equipment. The system gives a little negative pressure in the lab to prevent dangerous gasses from releasing into surrounding. If you don’t need temperature control in your area, you can then replace it with a pleated filtration intake for a cost reduction.
  • The module is Design with a gas detection alarm system that will become active when dangerous gas increase in volume. If the gas levels never stop rising, the system will turn-on an easily-heard alarm and shut the power to the equipment in the room well before higher levels are reached which can he more dangerous.
  • The weatherproof main electrical distribution panel is usually found on the exterior of the module, different from the dangerous area and out of the way. The entry door is built with steel made with an automatic closer, a sudden exit device, a security window for safety, and weather seals. The optional sink is made with stainless and made with gooseneck faucet to suit large vessels.
  • The module can be attached on a wheeled chassis (for ease of movement to another area), mainly on a shop floor or foundation (in a building or as a building on its own)
C1D1 manufacturing lab FlexMod

FlexMod has the highest quality c1d1 extraction labs. Here are the sizes available

Combination Unit | Extraction Lab

Designed for better output, this unit which is made highly functional and versatile unit provide best of this two — a Compliant Class 1 Division 1 environment and a separate non-classified work area in one modular unit. In this C1D1 area, all components are made to be spark-proof and blast-proof to make sure the dangerous area requirement are reached, creating a safe and reliable place for those who operate in it.in the non-classified section of this lab you can set whatever work you want to do anywhere .The wall that separate these two room will help you operate roto vapes or vac ovens while venting any dangerous gases from the oven and non-classified equipment.

The lab provides a medium to operate the large-scale volatile manufacturing operation without having to modify your building. This saves both time and money when getting permits for build out and getting ready for licensing.


FlexMod marijuana Cultivation room

FlexMod has modular turn-key solutions for Marijuana Cultivation and Cannabis Grow Rooms.