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FlexMod Turn-Key Marijuana Cultivation

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FlexMod Grow Room

The Flexmod solutions

FlexMod Turn Key Marijuana Cultivation

FlexMod grow room

Need for flexmod

With the quick and rapidly expanding markets, city halls and local governments are looking to permit marijuana cultivation to make money taking the growers. It is important to be prepared with solutions that cover anything the city may challenge. The company Flexmod works towards this goal. Because of them, you can grow your cannabis, plants, and flowers rapidly so that they can hit the market as soon as possible. Recognized by many local and state governments already, the FlexMod marijuana cultivation solution is a fast, easy way to get local authorization. However to do that you need to understand their solutions. In this article, we will discuss all the cultivation solutions offered by the Flexmod. Order a FlexMod solution through Ocean Grown Agency, LLC and we can even help you get running for FREE.

Flexmod cultivation solutions

To create a nursery or a lab you need a good room with clean atmosphere. You should place proper electrical systems so that the plants get proper lighting and the proper supply of water. Along with that, they should be safe from environmental hazards like rain, heat, humidity, wind, and an earthquake. The company should offer enough equipment and solutions to its client so that the indoor or outdoor plant cannabis growing becomes very easy for the client.

FlexMod Turn-Key Grow Rooms

FlexMod Turn-Key Marijuana Cultivation

Modular Wall Systems

The Flexmod system is a wall system that has a quick and the easy vertical installation of the electrical lines, communication lines and the transmission lines in the wall raceway with removable cover plates. Modular Systems are Pre-engineered wall systems that have many advantages when designing and building interior structures and many of these benefits are ideal for those in the cannabis industry. The company will finish this wall in half time compared to others in offsite conventional building systems. Because of this, you can have a better wall design and electrical system to assist the client and the plant growth process.

FlexMod Turn Key Weed Grow Room

Plug and Play Marijuana Cultivation by FlexMod

Selecting the right modular wall systems for your project

There are different types of walls other than modular walls. However, it is important to know your project before selecting right walls for your project. These wall systems should comply with the regulatory standards and growing parameters. Some of the key features of the modular wall are as follows

  1. They have flush wall surfaces on both sides of the wall
  2. Heights of the wall is up to seventeen feet
  3. A load-bearing system with a walkable roof to support and provide access to lighting and filtration equipment.
  4. All aluminum framework ideal for high moisture environments, aggressive sensitization, and wipe-down processes.
  5. Class-100 clean room standards so that you can have clean and flexible rooms.

Clean modular rooms

Every secluded modular cleanroom venture starts with a watchful needs appraisal. The spotless room divider framework is then planned and designed to explicitly fit into your application. The greater part of their segments are made comply exact norms, design, and label. Then they are delivered with a total arrangement of CAD tools.  to make nearby establishment fast and helpful. Our quality bundling limits shipping harm and the subsequent deferrals. From beginning outline to the completed establishment, FlexMOD can guarantee that your particular clean-rooms venture runs easily and Ocean Grown Agency will help you throughout the entire process.

Future compatibility and compatibility

The measured modular system is the genuine lasting arrangement in light of the fact that FlexMOD divider frameworks can be adjusted. The reconfiguration to meet your future needs is simple. You can include a story, a room, and even destroy and move the entire structure to another area.

C1D1 Turn Key Marijuana Extraction Lab

Benefits of the Modular Constructions

The modular settings have mitered pre-cut and properly finished systems. There is no need for sanding, taping, or painting. The installation of modular office buildings is finished in a fraction of the time of permanent construction. This Saves your time, taxes and the. You can get the tax advantage of seven-year depreciation as opposed to 39 years required with the conventional construction. It also has Load bearings capabilities, which includes 40 clear spans. Aluminum, Wall finishes include steel, vinyl covered gypsum, FRP, and the hardboard.

Construction of your choice

The FlexMOD essentially decreases your capital consumption because of the lower cost per square foot contrasted with regular development. A particular establishment disposes of the dust, garbage and turmoil found on most occupation destinations, and fewer exchanges are required. You will not face these problems with them or their materials if you chose it wisely.


Modular systems are faster

Generally, all of the material is measured, pre-cut, measured and totally wrapped up. There is no need for sanding, taping, or painting. They have Load bearings capacities. They also include 40′ clear and better traverses. You can choose from Class 100 to class 1000. Divider completes with good materials along with the hardboard.

FlexMod Modular systems are smarter

They include cannabis industry regulatory standards

  1. Moisture resist and the CGMP standards
  2. Chemical cleaning with mild to highly sanitized conditions.

They also provide following codes

  1. State Sealed Drawings: On your request, the company will provide professional engineer stamp and then serve all of fifty states.
  2. Structural Performance: they can withstand environmental hazards and comply with regulatory standards.
  3. They also provide Fire Protection


Contact us today for a FREE consultation to learn more about FlexMod’s solutions and see if their solutions are right for your company.