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Google Search Engine Optimization for Cannabis Enterprises

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Cannabis Seo

Google SEO for Cannabis Companies

Medical and recreational marijuana entrepreneurs need Google SEO to enhance their respective dispensaries, services, and merchandise. With the cannabis business flourishing in many states, the level of competition also stepped up making it mandatory for major players to boost their marketing efforts.

Marijuana Marketing

Cannabis Internet Marketing

SEO Strategies

Speaking of strategies, here are three factors that you need to think about wisely:

  • Make use of extensive keyword research with analytics to choose highly-competitive keywords for your Search Engine Optimization campaign.
  • Create original, enlightening, and exciting content for your website. Organize your web pages properly so visitors will find the right information without difficulty. Otherwise, these browsers will skip your site and move over to competitors’ portals.
  • Create headlines that will catch the attention of potential customers and encourage them to remain in your site longer. Hire talented developers and designers with experiences in building business websites.
Cannabis SEO

Cannabis SEO from Ocean Grown Agency, LLC drives results and conversions that make your company company.

Optimized Website

Your cannabis website must provide the full details of the company together with a complete list of services, commodities, benefits for users, customer details, and other pertinent data about medical or recreational marijuana. Social media management (SMM) is equally important in supporting your promotions and advertising of various cannabis trademarks. Traditional advertising is not advisable because of costs.

Your option would be PPPC or Pay per Click which an Internet marketing expert can easily explain. However, make sure to abide by ethical practices to prevent your site from being shut down. Marijuana SMM is an effective vehicle for the gathering of relevant customer demographics. You have to identify consumers who will purchase your product. At the same time, you should target the right audience in your ad campaigns. SMM is your best alternative to improve awareness for your brands and services.

Cannabis Google Search Engine Optimization

Marijuana Google SEO

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising yields quick returns on investment. Content marketing is effective but you need to produce backlinks as well as SEO content traction channels. Traction is an indication that your business is gradually taking off. Influencer marketing earns sales for low effort but higher costs. However, the results are not consistent. Meanwhile, AdWords produce dependable results but it will take time before you can master the process. On the other hand, consistent sales come from social media advertising.  The most reliable networks are the following:


  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • SnapChat
Cannabis Search Engine Optimization

Marijuana Search Engine Optimization

Local Optimization

Cannabis dispensaries must utilize local SEO techniques because these will help you rank higher in the geographical location of your enterprise. For instance, if the customer searcher looks for “Dispensaries nearby”, Google will display results of cannabis dispensaries in that place. Local optimization is crucial because most of the time, consumers try to find enterprises rather than view them randomly throughout the country. This SEO strategy will help you attain higher rankings compared to competitors within the geographical area of your enterprise.

marijuana search engine optimization

Marijuana Google SEO

Directories for Cannabis

Last but not least add your business to reputable online marijuana directories or listings. Aside from Google my Business, you can opt for Leafly, one of the biggest cannabis portals and Weed Maps which can enhance your SEO as well as referrals.

If you would like to get more information on how our cannabis marketing agency can help you gain online traction and traffic or build you a cannabis website please fill out the form below and one of our experts will reach out to you shortly!