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Indoor Cultivation Facility and C1D1 Cannabis Manufacturing Lab

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The Right Equipment for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

There is no doubt that growing of cannabis requires a lot of care which the FlexMod can provide. Aside from the facilities, cannabis growers should also look into other concerns like equipment systems. It is not only the physical structure or area that is important but all the apparatus and fixtures as well. Marijuana planters have to find a reliable manufacturer for their cultivation equipment that will provide the best option in terms of quality and pricing. Remember equipment for cannabis growing is as crucial as the facility itself.

Cannabis Cultivation Equipment in California

Gavita 1000W HPS light for cannabis cultivation

Equipment and Supplies

In marijuana cultivation, it is important to choose the best facilities like the FlexMod as well as premium quality gear and fixtures for indoor growth operations. The best brands have gained the nod of many growers for obvious reasons. Some of the essential equipment includes carbon exhaust filtration systems used to eliminate odors; pH and meters; and indoor plant lighting. A highly-recommended type of lighting fixture is the Ceramic Metal Halide (630 watts) or Gavita 1000W HPS.

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Metal Halide is said to be the best option. These high-intensity grow lights offer an economical lighting source for cultivating hydroponic cannabis inside the FlexMods. These are significantly less inexpensive compared to LED lamps. The HID light is also a proven option for most growers. Two kinds of HID are the following: High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide both of which are considered effective in indoor growing. You can begin with Metal Halide during the vegetation stage before moving to HPS for the flowering stage, although some say this isn’t necessary.

The HID lighting kit consists of the MH and HPS bulbs, ballast, reflector, timer, and hangers. It costs less than the LED lighting system. The only downside of HID is it emits considerable heat so you must install a mechanism that keeps the heat out of the cannabis growing room. You may incur additional expenses if it becomes necessary to purchase a cooling device. However, it will take a longer process to grow marijuana using LED lights. If you are more familiar with HID, there is no reason to switch to another model.

C1D1 Extraction Lab

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Advantage of the C1d1Labs.org Brand

C1D1 Lab’s Extraction laboratory facilities have been accepted by local municipalities for its multiple safety features. FlexMod is one company known as a provider of complete solutions, however our prices and quality are both higher. C1D1Labs.org make sure every modular extraction room is built to code. It does not only offer a world-class cultivation facility, but they also offer these wonderful, compliant extraction labs built according to the client’s specifications. C1D1 Labs is a first-rate standard in providing the necessary equipment to ensure the success of your cannabis enterprise.

FlexMod takes pride in its full-service Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems that can surpass competitors when it comes to value, performance, and dependability. Its lighting fixtures are the best for indoor planting and modular rooms. The company’s control systems blend all the features to provide clients with one package. We approve of the use of a FlexMod if your budget can handle it. If not, check out C1D1 Lab’s 5 step solution to a volatile facility.  

FlexMod Solutions operates from Denver in Colorado (USA) and C1d1Labs.org operates from Oakland, California. It is possible to check out more information hereor fill our the form below to talk to a cannabis management specialist: