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Marijuana Search Engine Optimization

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Marijuana SEO

Many Marijuana-related websites find it hard to get traffic. It’s not enough to only have a website; it is important to have a robust online presence. That’s where marijuana search engine optimization comes in. A good Search Engine Optimization strategy guarantees the growth of your business. Search engine optimization entails fine-tuning your digital activity and content in a way that improves your brand visibility to potential consumers on search engines. If you are a good website developer, you can take it upon yourself to optimize your online presence but its always better to get a qualified professional to do it for you. It might also take a lot of your time especially if you are not particularly conversant with the processes. A cannabis consulting and marketing, like OceanGrownAgency.com agency may prove helpful in this instance. A good Search Engine Optimization is as good as an excellent cannabis web design.

Our marijuana marketing agency contemplates how to use content marketing for their cannabis websites and social media platforms. Keywords are critical when it comes to search engine optimization. You need to know what people are searching for so that you can customize your website to factor in the same. You could use the words like marijuana news, marijuana tea, marijuana oil among others to boost traffic.

Marijuana Social Media Advertising

Marijuana SMM

Here are two other things that you could do:

  • Persona-Driven Strategies

It is essential to understand the needs of your target group hence the need for a good marijuana search engine optimization strategy.

  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization

You could use a checklist of other search engine optimization factors to ensure maximum visibility of your site.

Critical Search Engine Optimization Ranking  Factors

Fresh Marijuana SEO content

When building your marijuana business website, you must bear in mind that quality is more important than quantity. High ranking information means that it adequately covers the subject matter and provides the user with the requisite information on the product. The content must also provide visual content that is equally appealing.

Cannabis Content-Length

There is no definitive rule regarding the optimal number of words as subjects vary. However, relatively long and more comprehensive pieces generally receive higher rankings. Therefore while conducting marijuana search engine optimization, it is essential to create extensive content.


They remain one of the most potent ranking metrics in a web search. The more links you form with highly-rated domains, the better your chances of topping the keywords. As a marijuana marketer, you should pay close attention to your backlink profiles and updates. It is important to note that sites with low-quality backlink profiles are filtered and may not appear at the top of searches. To effectively market your marijuana business, you need to create a strong backlink profile.  You also need to understand that links from the same domain may carry less weight hence the need to diversify.

Mobile Compatibility

A website’s mobile compatibility directly impacts on its search engine rankings which is why you need to ensure that your marijuana business’s site is compatible with mobile.

Today, mobile usage is higher than the use of PCs; it is, therefore, imperative for any business to have a mobile compatible website. Prioritizing mobile versions of sites provides better user experience, and it is something that any serious business ought to consider.

Page Speed

With the advent of technology, speed is something that is emphasized more than ever. Websites which have slow speeds rarely rank at the top and have low traffic. To ensure excellent speeds, ensure your website speed is optimized to provide the improved user experience.

Schema Code

Schema code is critical, especially for local businesses. This markup code assists search engines in developing a better understanding of certain texts including phone numbers, addresses, reviews and recipes, reviews. Having your location and contact information on your website is important.

The Power of the Domain

While not precisely foolproof, domain power still plays a significant role in improving visibility. Exact match domains are one of the best ways of boosting search visibility. The age of the domains also plays a critical role in determining the amount of traffic in a specific site. Older domains tend to attract traffic as compared to reactively newer ones.

Social Signals and Brand Power

Marijuana SEO

Ocean Grown Agency, LLC has the best cannabis SEO

Having branded searches could significantly improve the signal to search engine’s algorithms. The more traffic a site gets from branded searches, the higher its recognition on the search engine’s algorithm. These rankings also significantly improve with having a robust social media presence.

To boost your marijuana business’s ranking, you need to at least have an account with any of the many social media applications. Combining social media and brand power catapults a website visibility to great heights


Due to the revolutionized technology, it is almost impossible to operate without an online working site. To improve your marijuana sales, it is equally important to grow the number of people visiting your website. Consequently, it is crucial to invest in marijuana search engine optimization. Marijuana Search engine optimization can also be daunting, and that’s why you may need to enlist the help of a qualified expert if you cannot do it by yourself. If you undertake effective optimization, your site will receive more traffic, and possibly more sales would be registered.


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