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Marijuana SEO

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Marijuana SEO

Cannabis SEO

With the expansion of medical and recreational marijuana, the competition is getting fierce every day. The number of rapidly growing competitors is making it almost easy to be drowned amidst many similar brands. It is estimated that about 80% of the consumer Google the product before making a purchase. Which brings us to the part of being visible online. With restrictions in Google advertising policies, many a time search results return with an unsatisfactory result due to the impossibility of buying your way to the top. In case you are new to digital marketing, search engine optimization is a vast and critical topic that when looked upon with care, bears immense success. Below are some instructions for the newbies to help get a good Google ranking:


Marijuana SEO

Ocean Grown Agency, LLC has the best cannabis SEO

  1. Creating a Google Business Profile Creating a profile in Google My Business will Google to index your name and details. In turn, it will also help your business to show up on Google Maps.
  2. Using Social Media Social media is the most important part of digital marketing. Although there are restrictive policies, having a minimum of two accounts will serve your cause according to your choice of strategies. Facebook: With 2.01 billion users, Facebook is has targeted, customizable ad policy that will help you make history if you only know how best to use it. Google+: Although not a very popular platform, to ensure Google Indexing, you can open up an account in Google+ to reach out to strategized keywords and targeted audience.
  3. Listing Address & Phone Number on the Website After making a website, which is not an option but a requisite, you should add interactive and rich contents and also make sure to include your location and phone number so Google can direct viewers from around you to your website.
  4. Adding Your Business to Popular Directory Listings Adding your site to directory listings will increase the possibility of being found by many folds.
  5. Gathering Reviews Gathering reviews is not only helpful in letting other customers know that your products have satisfactory outcomes, but also in letting Google know that your brand is worth the top position in the search results.
  6. Having a Blog Being regular on your blog will help you to get more traffic. Help the viewers know about the products, promotions, and offer. Also, let them know about the recent developments in the federal law that might make marijuana legal in some states.
  7. Applying an On-Site Marijuana SEO Strategy A good cannabis SEO strategy combines:
  8. Choosing appropriate keywords for your business that are neither too common nor too exclusive.
  9. Creating contents that are organized.
marijuana SEO

Ocean Grown Agency, LLC has the best cannabis SEO

Images can’t be read by Google, but it can read the alt. title and other information for better Marijuana Google SEO

  1. Making it easier for Google to decipher links by naming them appropriately.
  2. To prevent visitors from getting into a dead end, try getting rid of the out of use URLs.
  3. Making the website coding pass certain criteria to do well in Google ranking. And finally, to make sure all these strategies are working, it is best to track the traffic on your site by using Google Analytics. Being aware of good marijuana SEO techniques is a message to your customers that you are active and willing to boost your company. If you find it difficult to perform all these tasks, don’t hesitate to contact with a cannabis CEO specialist.

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