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Marijuana Social Media Management and Marketing

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marijuana Social Media Marketing

Marijuana Social Media Management

Advertising your marijuana business requires a robust social media strategy. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others have enormous online influence and can facilitate the best way to reach your customers.  However, increasing your audience and brand name on social media is a difficult task. There are many variants to be considered, and an organized, strategic approach is necessary to be successful.

Social media is a very new phenomenon in the business world.  With the mobile phone technology exploding at unprecedented speed, most customers have these platforms ready in their pockets and at their fingertips all the time.

In recent years, social media has gone through a rapid rise in popularity. The statistics are quite impressive. Facebook has 1.4 billion monthly active users; 65% of whom use the platforms every day while Snap Chat has more than 100 million active users monthly.

marijuana social media marketing and management

Marijuana Social media management

High innovative quality and multi-channel content that targets your business goals will arrive at the desired results.

Cannabis Social Marketing Strategy

Every social media platform is unique and needs a different approach.  Here are some of the strategies to utilize for marijuana social management:

  • Content Creation for Cannabis Business

The only way to keep your audience engaged is by ensuring your content interesting. The marijuana industry moves at a fast pace, and your social media has to be up to the speed. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.  Connect with your followers and establish a relationship. Create authentic content.  No one wants to create a connection with a soulless brand. Keeping content entertaining, informative, and interactive will make sure that your audience stays engaged with your brand.  It is also essential to focus on building interactions with your audience on all your social media platforms by responding to messages and comments in a time-conscious manner. You can do this through liking posts. Following other social media platforms similar to your brand will also aid in increasing your exposure and follower base.  Being extra vigilant and a fast response to capitalize on trending issues or industry news is the pivotal role in maximizing any social media opportunity.

Marijuana Google SEO

Marijuana Search Engine Optimization

First Gear Design and Ocean Grown Agency are proud to announce we are having great success with marijuana social media management and marketing. Combining our knowledge in the marijuana industry and digital marketing we can get the attention of your target and convert traffic into cash!

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