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Modular Extraction Booths and Cannabis Consulting

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Modular Extraction Booths

C1D1 Labs LLC and Columbo Labs team up!

C1D1 Labs LLC out of Oakland, California is a company dedicated to giving the tools and resources to cannabis business owners. That is why they have launched a line of modular extraction booths that makes permitting much easier, at an affordable price. These extraction booths are built to the NFPA fire codes for extraction booths that just came out this year! Being such a solution driven company, C1D1 Labs is also working towards providing equipment and consulting solutions that bring their clients to the front-line of IP.

C1D1 Labs LLC is already an active member of the Good Life Gang, run by @Future4200. This is a community of cannabis technicians, scientists, business owners and equipment suppliers working together to bring consumers a better product. This paid subscription allows you to enter the elite circle of knowledge in the cannabis extraction industry AND discounts on many awesome products. However, the company wanted a more hands-on approach to ensuring success for their clients.

Modular Extraction Booths

Cannabis Extraction booths and distillate consulting

C1D1 Labs LLC  is now offering private “in-house” consulting courses with Columbo Labs (@columbolabs) for butane & propane extraction, distillation, crystallization, pesticide remediation and more! Columbo Labs is known to be one of the industry’s influential extraction consultants. Releasing SOP’s like the delta 8 (clear) recipe soon to drop! By offering consulting from elite extraction technicians allows company’s employees to perform at an optimal level on day 1. Increasing profits, and decreasing error…therefor increasing the likelihood of success for their clients. This is their goal, every time.

Recently, the company just released two modular extraction booth models and they are gaining traction fast. The Hydrocarbon 100A is 10’x10′ extraction booth for companies that do not have a lot of space. Starting at 27,000 this movable extraction room quickly builds into an extraction space that your fire department will permit. The unit comes with 2 12″ spark-proof fans for intake and exhaust. These fans are connected directly to the hydrocarbon alarm that continuously monitors volatile organic compounds in the air. When the air reached a high level of contaminants, the alarm is triggered and the fans enter a “purge” state. The fans are boosted to 1500 cfm and any hydrocarbons in the booth are pushed out in order to return the extraction area to a safe working condition.

Modular Extraction Room

Modular Extraction Room for volatile organic compounds

They Hydrocarbon 200A is a very similar model, however twice the size. This 200 square foot modular extraction lab can fit the heavy duty extraction equipment you need to reach the throughput you desire. This extraction unit start at 38,000 and includes a control panel on the outside of the booth. This panel is made of UL listed components and controls the C1D1 lighting, C1D1 emergency exit signs, fans, gas monitoring systems and alarms.

Modular Extraction Booth

Hydrocarbon 200A Extraction Booth

If you have any questions about the C1D1 Labs LLC Hydrocarbon 100A or Hyrocarbon 200A units or consulting classes with Columbo Labs, please reach out on their website http://C1D1Labs.org or fill out the contact form below. An extraction expert will contact you within 24 hours to hear more about your project and how C1D1 LLC or Columbo Labs can help.