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Donations will enable Spiritual Sprout to build Greenhouses on local Northern California farms.

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Spiritual Sprout will only provide fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables

Feed Children

Any profits (money and food) will be donated to public schools and towards youth recreational programs.

Our Mission

Spiritual Sprouts is dedicated to putting healthy food into the hands of the people who need nutrients the most. In 2015 15.8 million households were food insecure and 6.3 million households had very low food security. We at Spiritual Sprouts recognize the need to make healthy food affordable. Together we can feed families.

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Why Fight?

In 2015 3.0 million households were unable at times during the year to provide adequate, nutritious food for their children. About 41 percent of food-insecure households in the survey reported that in the previous month, they DID NOT participate in one or more of the three largest Federal nutrition assistance programs.

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