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Turn Key C1D1 Laboratory for Cannabis Manufacturers in California

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Compliant cannabis manufacturing lab

C1D1 Combination Unit Extraction

This is another first from C1D1 Labs. The C1D1 Combination Unit Extraction Lab was created for precision and efficiency. The adaptable facility is meets the requirements for a well-designed and functional cannabis laboratory with detached non-classified working areas in a single modular unit. All elements are resistant to sparks and blasts thereby establishing a secure environment for all technicians. End-users can put in workstations in all areas of the facility’s non-classified sector. The barrier separating the two cubicles facilitates the operation of rotary evaporators that removes solvents in chemical laboratories; ovens, and other pieces of equipment that do not emit volatile gases.

C1D1 Extraction Lab

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Appropriate Wall Systems

This C1D1 Combination Unit Extraction Lab is fitted with the suitable wall panels in compliance with regulatory measures. Walls can be made into any size you need! The load-bearing system has a walkable roof surface for sturdy support and access to lighting as well as filtration systems. Both sides of the wall make use of flush mounting with aluminum frames capable of resisting high volumes of moisture with aggressive sensitization as well as wipe-down process for removal of debris.

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C1D1 Extraction Rooms

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CO2 Extraction Lab

The FlexMod CO2 laboratory features a non-flammable design that affords users the benefits of a clean room along with safety features that reduce exposure to extreme carbon dioxide. The facility is built with surveillance monitors for safety requisites. Maximum air circulation is assured. Interior lighting, electrical vents, and accessories are classified as heavy-duty and industrial grade.

Cannabis Management

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C1D1 Labs is proud to offer an AFFORDABLE, HIGH QUALITY C02 labs. We provide C1D2 extraction rooms that are also perfect for ethanol extraction. From Crude to Distillate, get it all done in a C1D1Labs.org facility 

A custom-build HVAC unit ensures proper ventilation inside the cannabis laboratory. It may be customized in accordance with weather conditions in that particular state. It has an adjustable CO2 aperture that can accommodate different dimensions of tube pipes for easy configuration. The stainless steel sink with three compartments is optional but useful and capable of holding huge canisters. A CO2 lab’s main systems include explosion-proof florescent lamps, switches, and outlets; fire extinguisher; 24 volts DC power supply; distribution panel and junction box; fire extinguisher; bard unit; and, gas sensor.

FlexMod Turn Key Weed Grow Room

Plug and Play Marijuana Cultivation by FlexMod

Design Services of FlexMod

FlexMod’s design services consist of the following:

Preliminary project review with assessment of needs

  • Collaborative design for the cannabis cultivation laboratory with particular business model
  • Production of assembly and layout that efficiently facilitates the architectural design stage
  • Load and quantity computations for the HVAC system, modular wall, and lighting which included pricing structure and validation

FlexMod can design and construct wall systems that match the client’s specifications and deliver the facility to the specified location. These modular walls are appropriate for extraction laboratories as well as other structures like Marijuana-Infused Products (MIPs) kitchens, growing rooms, and office spaces. The pre-engineered wall systems of FlexMod can be expanded, relocated, dismantled, or reconfigured. Customers get tax benefits for seven years of depreciation compared to the 39 years total required in traditional construction.

C1D1 manufacturing lab FlexMod

FlexMod has the highest quality c1d1 extraction labs. Here are the sizes available

C1D1 Labs operates from Oakland, California (United Sates). FlexMod Solutions operates from Denver (Colorado) in the United States. Contact us for international labs!
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