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Turn Key Cannabis Grow with FlexMod GrowMods

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FlexMod Turn Key Weed Grow Room

The FlexMOD GrowMod is the Best Turn Key Solution to Grow Marijuana 

The rise of cannabis industry

FlexMOD designers’ will work with your designers to guarantee that they augment each cubic inch of the office to make an answer that enables you to augment your yield generation. Regardless of whether that implies introducing a system of our measured board units inside the space or potentially assembling a custom arrangement from the beginning, their experts will guarantee that we give you a situation that is sheltered, secure, and produces the kind of return you want. FlexMOD has discovered an imperative specialty in the Cannabis space. They make marvelous developing conditions for the business and even more vitally, a protected and secure condition for the extraction procedure.

FlexMod Grow Room

Turn-Key Cannabis Grow Room

FlexMOD services

It has the Ability to properly expand your cannabis and grow room over time. Then add new level plants to completely optimize your room available for cannabis and plant facility growing area. Modified rooms completely arranged and delivered straightforwardly to you keeping in mind the end goal to start creation inside a matter of weeks. It has local and the state endorsement and approval. It has manufacturing plant readiness of units, and issuance of your extraction labs stamp to meet all the cannabis compliance directions.

FlexMod Turn Key Marijuana Cultivation

FlexMod grow room


FlexMOD indoor or modular room agriculture process is growing in popularity because of space-efficient and perfect way growing. It helps in crop production and the flower production in the urban areas. These Modular growing rooms offer fast, convenient, and budget effective way. This will help you to meet your indoor and outdoor agricultural needs. GrowMODS offers the best portable and the permanent solutions for your space, cultivation and extraction needs. These mods are first built off-site. Then you will get the mods and rooms at your doorstep. You can select from different delivery facilities. If you want, the company will install all of your GrowMODS with extra charge. The company offers different features to its clients when it comes to growMODS.

FlexMod Turn Key Weed Grow Room

Plug and Play Marijuana Cultivation by FlexMod

Features of FlexMODS

As the mods are portable and can offer permanent solutions, you can expect a good outcome in very quick time. Here are the few features of mods

  1. They can deliver all of your prepackaged or the custom GrowMOD in just 8 weeks.
  2. You can choose from the prepackaged models or you can let them build the custom mods for you.
  3. Each of these prepackaged GrowMOD has been perfectly value engineered and assembled by FlexMOD team. They are a team of industry experts. Therefore, they offer high-quality state of the art technology to their clients. They do it by selecting the very best possible cultivation solutions that are available in the market.
  4. They offer best in the class HVAC system, efficient and finely adjustable lighting package, humidity control system, CO2 injection systems. All of them with the abilities in control and grow the flower, plants, and vegetables in your home through the phone.
  5. It is evident that there are different types of growmods out in the market concerning these components and the systems. However, this company has the best engineered and sourced solutions to your modular environments.
  6. They have created an environment that will control humidity, temperature, and CO2. This is done with redundancy. They specifically source their complete HVAC packaged system, which outperforms the competitors when it comes to reliability, performance, and the overall value.
  7. Their lighting system is one of the coolest running lightning systems for indoor growing and cultivation. They offer good light for these types of modular grow room environment.
  8. Their Control System tie all of these modular components to work together in a symphony in a complete plug and play package system.

The cultivation time

You can get the system up and run successfully in less time. You can expect the result in just a few weeks. Therefore, it is better to understand this in terms of weeks. Here we give you an approximate detail from starting point to cultivation of the product.

  1. The order and manufacturing time is around six to eight weeks
  2. Then the delivery time is about one week.
  3. Proper installation time required for this entire process is one to two weeks.
  4. The cultivation or the market time is twelve week from the setup to first harvest.

From this, you can say that you can get your outcome in a minimum of twenty weeks and maximum of twenty-three weeks. It is safe to say that you can have your products in six months.

FlexMod Turn-Key Grow Rooms

FlexMod Turn-Key Marijuana Cultivation

Types of GrowMODS

There are three major types of growing mods which are further available in three different sizes.

  1. FlowerMOD is for growing flowers.
  2. VegMOD-20 are for growing vegetables.
  3. Nursery mods

MOD-20 is for low space and the low cost. The 16×20 model has the best ROI and can pay for itself in as little as three harvests.

MOD-40 is an arrangement of other modules together to produce 16×40 model. These are better if you have large space.

All of these are available in three sizes. They are standard (8’), wide body (12’) and double body (16’).


These FlexMOD vegetable and flower mods come with lighting and the security systems like CO2 sensor and controllers, DE HPS bulbs, HVAC unit, air system, humidity system, PPFD, remote monitoring etc. because of these features, you will get a perfect system that gives perfect results.